Stego Dino Car

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Cute Dinosaur baby cars match perfectly with small baby hands. Babies love rolling it around!

PlanToys focuses on safe and sustainable wooden toys made from reclaimed rubber woods. These toys are designed to enhance development for children, especially during their first five formative years. They always make sure to use the best of natural resources and create minimum to zero waste.

  • Made from natural rubberwood trees that no longer produce latex. No fertilizer is used, or has been used in more than 3 years prior to harvesting, ensuring all material is toxin-free
  • To make woods durable, PlanToys uses a chemical-free and kiln-drying process
  • PlanWood - their innovative process that utilizes ground up surplus sawdust and wood chips along with solid wood to produce a quality, safe and sustainable material
  • Non-formaldehyde glue that is safe and non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly and organic pigments
  • Water-based dyes that contain no lead or other heavy metals
  • Recycled paper and soy ink are used in printed materials
  • Suitable for children 12 months and up.
  • Measures: 2.13x3.62x4.29 inch