Les Crayons de la Maison n°7 Exotic Wood Pencils

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Discover nature’s inner beauty with Caran d’Ache’s 7th special edition Exotic Woods Pencil Set.

This 7th edition of the Exotic Wood Pencil Collection includes the following types of rare and beautiful woods:

Polychrome Sipo
Red, green, and violet combine to produce a blazing combination of colors.

Streaked White Birch
Brown striped, cream-colored exterior, create a stylized feline effect.

African Assamela
Luminous golden yellow hue and banding, with a fine grain.

Grey Limba
Chestnut color that perfectly complements its intense deep ash grey veins.

The pencils come pre-sharpened and have a hexagonal barrel that measures 7 inches long. Each of the exotic wood types used to make these pencils are FSC and OLB certified (guaranteeing the origin and legality of the woods used). One of each pencil included in the set.