Cherry Blossom Bonsai Tree Grow Kit

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The art of bonsai begins with a tree! This appealing germination kit gives the bonsai enthusiast everything needed to start a tree from the very beginning — from seed.

  • EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED - Each intriguing can includes a mini greenhouse, soil-less growing medium, perlite, and high germination seed. Guaranteed at least one tree
  • BONSAI TREE KIT - The art of bonsai begins with a tree! With the Bonsai Tree Kit you have total control of shaping the tree into an utterly unique bonsai masterpiece
  • EDUCATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL - Each Genuine Tree Seed Germination Kit is an opportunity to learn while improving the environment at the same time
  • IT’S FUN - Step-by-step instructions lead through the whole germination process. With these, everybody grows like a champ
  • IT WORKS - A genuine miracle of nature takes place right before your eyes – every time! 100% GUARANTEED